opening ceremony of “Golden Land” at the Yangon National Museum

Golden Land Exhibition at the Yangon National Museum


To get a glimpse of the opening ceremony of the Exhibition on November 22, 2013, please visit

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exhibition “Golden Land”

Watch scenes of the opening of the exhibition at the “Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde”, Munich, Germany: We look forward to the opening ceremony of this exhibition in Yangon in November. 

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Upcoming Exhibition in Tegernsee, Germany

These two photographs will be exhibited at the “Tegernseer Kunstausstellung”, Tegernsee, Germany, from Sept 21 until Oct 06, 2013.

No. 1: Fishermen on Inle Lake, 100 x 150 cm, digital pigment print on Aluminium Dibond.





No. 2: Netscape, 100 x 150 cm, digital pigment print on Aluminium Dibond.




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GOLDENES LAND exhibition catalogue

July 2013

Goldenes Land.

100 Jahre Burma/Myanmar: Fotografien von Christine Scherman und Birgit Neiser

123 pages, Euro 24.80. Please order via email:                   ISBN-13: 978-3927270695

A catalogue in German has been published with the ongoing exhibition at the State Museum of Ethnology, Munich. The English Version will come soon. Stay tuned!

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Open Door event Amara Foundation Munich

July 2013.

The Amara Foundation,,  recently held their second “Open Door” Event about the development of Myanmar. Please see for more details.


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GOLDEN LAND exhibition


The exhibition

Goldenes Land. 100 Jahre Burma/Myanmar
Fotografien von Christine Scherman und Birgit Neiser
14. Juni 2013 - 12. Januar 2014




is currently running at the State Museum of Ethnology, Munich, Germany. Please see details at


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Happy New Year

Water Festival April 2013: Happy New Year 1375!

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Building Myanmar

April 2013. Recent changes in Myanmar can be seen wherever you go, especially in Yangon. The cityscape these days is mainly made up of  scaffolding, cranes, construction fences depicting posters with soon to come new highrises behind them (mostly hotels), new shopping centers, a new fly-over trying to de-congest the traffic (more or less successful…). So I wasn´t too surprised to see yet another domestic airline pop up at the airport, “Golden”, the Shwe airline in a country where gold is ubiquitous and important. More and more international airlines offer flights to not only Yangon, but also Mandalay and probably soon Bagan. What will be next? No more embargo by the EU……. new airport….a Coca Cola bottling plant (near the new airport)….new embassies… more delegations of business people and politicians….more tourists…..


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Upcoming exhibition

April 2013

  • 2013: “Goldenes Land – 100 Jahre Burma/Myanmar. Fotografien von Christine Scherman und Birgit Neiser” (Golden Land – 100 years Burma/Myanmar. Photographs by Christine Scherman and Birgit Neiser) Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde, München (State Museum of Ethnology, Munich), Germany, June 13, 2013 until January 12, 2014. National Museum Yangon, Myanmar, November 2013 until January 2014. Archeological Museum Bagan, January until February 2014.

In 1911, photographer Christine Scherman travelled through Burma with her husband Lucian, the director of the State Museum of Ethnology in Munich at the time. Their mission was to acquire artefacts for the museum and undertake ethnological studies. As a result of their 8 months in the country, the museum now hosts nearly 1,000 glas plates and negatives of Christine Scherman´s photographs. A selection of her images will be exhibited alongside photographs of today by Birgit Neiser, depicting similar subject matters 100 years later.



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A Matter of Perspective


January 2013. While tourists are starting to flood the country, others are still sceptical about the sustainability of the recent political changes in Myanmar. On one hand, there are publications like the Swiss “DU” magazine ( The jounalistic articles are basic material for long dinner table discussions, very sceptical when it comes to how far the country has come in its process of opening up and democratization. The high class photography is  black and white with lots of grain to mimick old-time photographs, implying a government that still lives in the past. Combined with the journalistic articles the magazine leaves the reader with a more pessimistic notion about the state of the country.

If you watched the German TV series “Traumhotel Myanmar” last week (, the impression you get about the country is a very different one. Some protagonists, German ladies,  stalk in high heels through the country, discovering all its beauties, culture and state-of-the-art luxury hotels. A seemingly unlimited supply of monks, colourful umbrellas and elephants populate the screen as a background of this soap opera. Had the TV series offered the opportunity to book a holiday in Myanmar, a large percentage of viewers would have secured their place.

It is hard to believe that both the magazine and the film talk about the same country. When tourists eventually travel to Myanmar, they probably won´t find either description true but will form their own opinion - it´s all a matter of perspective.



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